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Don Amore SL

(by Amistad SL out of Zia)



Already has championships in Yearling Colt and Best Movement!

Reserve Champion 2 and under Colt


Don Amore SL is an exceptional young stallion. He has straight movement with cadence and extension. Don is a perfect gentelman around other horses and is very people oriented. He loves attention and is thoroughly enjoying his training. He has the classic Spanish build, short-coupled with powerful quarters and an arched neck. Don has a lovely head with a kind eye and lots of hair. He is showing a lot of potential for dressage. He is currently in training for driving and is working under saddle.

UPDATE: Don started his groundwork training in long reins in January/February of 2006. He was started in pleasure driving as well and shows great potential after his sire, the 2003 Regional Pleasure Driving Champion. Don was lightly back in the Spring of 2006 and then turned out to grow up some more and be a horse. In August of 2006 Don resumed training and is undergoing a refresher course in long-reins and starting to work under saddle again. More pictures and a video of him under saddle will be available in Septemer of 2006.


Limited Bookings.

Can be seen at Oak Leaf Dressage in Hastings, FL.





Don's Pedigree of Champions


Amistad SL by Palido by Principe XIII by Poseido V


See a Quicktime of Video of Don Amore

See a Quicktime video of Don Amore in hand

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The Couple: Don and Bell


Back to work: August 2006