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Events 2015

Open House 2015 11am-4pm

June 13-14

October 10-11



Dressage at Lexington 2015

July 10-12

Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA

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2015 IALHA National Championships

August 26-30

Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA

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Dressage at Devon 2015

September 29 - October 4

Thank you to all of our friends and sponsors that help us bring you the Iberian Horse Class and the Andalusian Horse Class at Dressage at Devon! We look forward to seeing you there! Breed classes are held on Thursday the 1st!

Isidora SFI ( by Dichoso Uno)

Curious about the in hand classes on the triangle?? See a youbtube video here!

Dressage at Devon

For the past several years Old Stonehouse Farm has sponsored classes at the prestigious Dressage at Devon show for the Andalusian and Iberian Horses.  We feel it is an important venue to showcase our breed at and show the dressage world how well theses horses fit into it.  Dressage at Devon runs every year at the end of September, sometimes into October.  The 2015 dates will be 29 September to 4 October!  The show opens on a Tuesday with in-hand classes for young horses based on their age groups and shown on the sporthorse triangle.  Tuesday and Wednesday of the show also include undersaddle classes based on age and/or gender.  Classes include Materiale, Suitability, and the start of FEI classes, which, continue on Thursday.   Thursday is the big day for the breed show!  Young and seasoned horses compete in-hand on the sporthorse triangle based upon breed. 

In recent years Dressage at Devon has had an excellent representation for the Iberian Horses with as many as 15 in a class!  Old Stonehouse Farm sponsors two classes, with one for the Iberian Horse, open to any horse eligible to be registered with IALHA, both pure and partbred.  The other class is  for the Andalusian Horse and is open to any horse eligible to be registered with IALHA and of at least 50% Spanish blood.   In addition to these two classes, USPREA sponsors a class for the PRE horse and Wildwood Farm Equine Center and Patewood Farm team up to bring the show a class for the PSL!

The breed show typically has three different sporthorse judges.  Each class is scored by one judge.  When you compete in several different classes your horse will have the opportunity to be evaluated by different judges.  In age-based classes horses are shown in-hand at the walk and trot on the triangle and judged on their suitability to become a dressage horse.  Their overall score is based on 60% movement, 30% conformation, and 10% general impression.  Horses are judged individually and awarded a placement based on their score.  Breed classes are conducted the same way, except horses are showing against other horses of their own breed from all different age groups.  Horses are expected to be clean, braided, and everything 2 yrs and older must be shown in a bridle.  Weanlings and yearlings may be presented in a halter.   There are always professional handlers available for you to arrange to have present your horse if you do not wish to present it yourself.  The breed show is open to all horses and competitors in good standing with USEF, USDF and their respective breed organizations.  You do not need to qualify to enter the breed show.

On a personal note, The Devon County Fair Grounds has been home to Dressage at Devon for many years!  Before my time, others worked very hard at making a place here for the Spanish and Portuguese horses to show.  It has only been over the past several years that Old Stonehouse Farm has sponsored classes for the Iberian and Andalusian Horse.  We are dedicated to promoting these wonderful horses to the competitive dressage world and will continue to sponsor these classes and work towards bringing more and more owners out to compete.  The first visit to Dressage at Devon can be overwhelming, but, we are always here to help each other.  I find my fellow Iberian horse enthusiasts to be a wonderful extended family.  We have a great time competing together, cheering each other on, helping each other and celebrating our wonderful horses with a genuine camaraderie.  I do hope to see you at Dressage at Devon this fall and invite you to contact me with any questions.