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Videos! Link on any underlined name to see a youtube video!


Sha-Boom OSF (2014 colt Dichoso Uno x Estrella A)

2013 Dichoso foals: Carmen Miranda OSF, Argentina OSF, Benjamin Button OSF


2012 Dichoso Foals: Dichosa OSF, Jayne Mansfield OSF and Don Alejandro OSF


2012 Dichoso Foals: Graciana SFI and Mateo Miguel


2011 Dichoso Foals: Brigitta OSF and Paulo OSF


2010 Dichoso Fillies: Chispa OSF(Estrella A), Andaluza OSF (Alejandra OSF), Valentina OSF (Kat)


2008 fillies: Colombia OSF, Dicha OSF, and Magdalena OSF (left: fall 09, right: fall 10)


2008 Fillies: Fia and Educada OSF


2008 filly Isidora SFI, right at Dressage at Devon 2014 wearing blue!


2009 "Little Girls"

and again at Dressage at Devon:

Marimena OSF(out of Risuena OSF) and Zsa Zsa OSF (out of Bonita II)

Marismena OSF Fall 2014


Luna Nueva (Azteca out of Saybrook Suzy)


Iberian Warmbloods out of Le Katarina:

De La Leona OSF (2005)


Magdalena OSF, Eleonora OSF, Leopold OSF


Iberian Warmbloods out of Susse Sierra:

King Oberon OSF (2000)

Brigitta OSF(2011)

Amante OSF, Pilar OSF, Nevara OSF


Iberian Warmbloods from SFI Farms:

Donatello SFI and Hector SFI

Ceasar SFI


Isidora SFI (ERAHC GC 2009 Holyoke) and Hugo SFI


Purebreds out of Estrella A:

Alejandra OSF (2006)


Bernardo OSF (2007)

2010: Dressage at Devon "Iberian Horse Class" Reserve ERAHC Reg 6 WTC Pleasure Blue


Dicha OSF (2008)


More Foals by Dichoso Uno

Rio (left) and Mia (right)


More Foals by Don Amore SL

Eva OSF and Noche Paloma OSF