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Hex Signs

Over 300 years ago the German Settlers brought their old world customs and traditions to Pennsylvania where they made their new lives. They were known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. The farmers decorated their barns with colorful geometric patterns and designs called hex signs. Hex signs are magical symbols designed to protect against evil spirits. Below are their meanings!

We create hex signs from the traditional PA Dutch designs and also inspired by our Iberian horses. We always have hex signs available and custome create them at your request. Also Hex signs are hand painted and clear coated for a long outdoor life!

Distelfink (Bird) - symbol of Good Luck and Happiness

Heart - Love and Kindness

Tulip - Faith ~~ Tulip Trinity - Faith, Hope and Charity

Dove - Peace and Contentment

Eagle - Good Health, Strength and Courage

Star - Good Luck ~~ Four Pointed Star - Bright Day ~~ Triple Star - Sucess, Wealth and Happiness

Raindrops - Abundance, Fertility and Rain

Quarter Moons - Four Seasons of the Year

Rosette - Good Luck. Keep away Bad Luck and Evil ~~ 12 Pointed Rosette - A Joyous Month for each Month of the Year

Oak Leaf - Strength

Maple Leaf - Contentment

Wavy Border (Ocean Waves) - Smooth Sailing Through Life

Circle - Eternity or Infinity

Horse Head within a Star - Protect Animals from Disease and Building from Lightening

Unicorn - Virtue and Piety, Belief in God

Black: protection, also used to blend or bind elements together

Blue: protection, peace, calmness spirituality

Green: growth, fertility, suces in things and ideas that grow

Orange: abundance in career project

Red: emotions, passion, charisma, lust & creativity

Violet: things that are sacred

White: purity, power of the moon, free flowing energy

Yellow: healh in body & mind, love of man & sun


We currently accept cash, money orders, personal checks, and paypal. Please contact us to place an order!