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A baby fills a special place within your heart

you never knew was empty.

Filling our arms with love and our hearts with happiness,

We proudly announce the birth of our first son.


Jack Alexander Wilson

6 October 2005

Jack splits his time between being a cowboy, a farmer, and a toolman!

October 2012 trip to Ft Worth and Dallas, TX!

In addition to his pony Lucy, Jack rides many of our Andalusians!

Jack also spends time with our foals!

Most of all, Jack loves his tractors and working on the farm!

Growing up!





My Wagon: From one generation to the next!

left: Grandpa in his wagon right: Jack in Grandpa's wagon after Daddy rebuilt it!

For anyone that know the family, you know Gary throws nothing away! Some people may see old machinery and scraps, but we see parts! On a recent trip to New York, I knew John had finally crossed over when we drove by an old farm with lots of broken down equipment in the front lawn and said,"Wow, look at all those parts!" The story of the wagon begins with John, still seeing these treasures as scrap and not parts, came across the running gear to Gary's childhood wagon. Rusty and seized, John innocently put it out for the garbage. To his dismay, it came back (as certain things tend to do)! When he asked and heard the story of the little red wagon and found the above picture, he set out to rebuild it, for we were already expecting Jack! He did a great job as Jack loves his wagon!


That's all folks!